Jason Collins

A lot has been made of Jason Collins signing with the Brooklyn nets. A lot has been made of the fact that he is the first openly gay player in one of the four major professional sports here in America. I read on the NBC sports app where a lot of the readers left some interesting comments. First I really thought the article that Brett pollakoff wrote was very good. He mentioned specially that it was a basketball decision and nothin more. But as soon as you click on comments almost everybody started sayin things like if he was straight he would not have been signed and the pussification of America continues. I noticed somebody said he should play the role of Lola bunny in the new space jam movie. I mean I can’t Beleuve this is still an issue. It is 2014 for cryin out loud. So many people can’t accept change. To me that’s what this is all about. I mean it Dosent even affect these people. I don’t understand at all. The same thing applies to racism. Everybody needs to wake up and realize this any everything would just be so much better. Feel free to comment


Nfl playoffs

Well it’s that time of year once again. Time for the nfl playoffs. Today I will preview the playoffs starting with the wild card round. First off let’s go through the seeds. In the afc the Denver broncos are the number one seed and the New England patriots are the number two seed. They have first round byes. The number 3 seed is the Cincinnati bengals the Indianapolis colts are fourth the Kansas City chiefs are fifth and the San Diego chargers are sixth. The Pittsburgh steelers should be sixth but the chargers benefited from a bad call this past week in their game against Kansas City. They had seven guys lined up on one side of the ball when the cheifs attempted a field goal late in the game which was missed that would have given them the lead but anyway San Diego is in. The match ups this weekend are San Diego at Cincinnati and Kansas City at Indianapolis. Like I said earlier the chargers are lucky to be here but they have been hot lately. I don’t see them beatin Cincinnati but it might be a close game. The other game should be pretty good. I can see the cheifs goin to Indy and winnin that football game. Cheifs have been better all year and I look for them to keep it goin into the playoffs. They have the best defense in the nfl and defense wins championships. Jamal Charles will lead the team on offense and he is phenomenal. In the NFC the number one seed is the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina panthers are the number two seed. The third seed is the Philadelphia eagles and the Green Bay packers are the fourth seed. The fifth seed is the San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans saints are the six seed. This weekends matchups are the New Orleans saints at the Philadelphia eagles and the San Francisco 49ers at the Green Bay packers. The saints have never won a road playoff game and its gonna be a frigid day in Philadelphia so it will be very tough for the saints and the eagles are red hot. Nick foles McCoy and deshaun Jackson are as explosive as any offense in the Nfl so we will see what happens. The other matchup I see San Francisco Rollin just like last year. Kapernick back in the playoffs and he will be ready to roll. Frank gore Davis and the rest of the 49ers offense are going to be ready to play. They have a strong defense led by Patrick Willis Aldon Smith and they’ll be ready to go. I’m looking forward to all the matchups this weekend. My new twitter account is @bradkraft54 so give me a follow and I will follow back and we can have a lot of fun. Enjoy the games this weekend

Nfl week 17

Week 17 is upon us. At 12 34pm I’m watchin the Carolina Atlanta game. It’s 7-0 Atlanta with 1:52 left in first quarter. Atlanta has the ball. If Carolina Wins they clinch the NFC south and the number two seed in the NFC. If they lose and New Orleans beats Tampa bay. The saints win the south and the 2 seed. The first quarter just ended in Atlanta and Carolina now has the ball. Later on after all the games I will blog about what happen. I will also create a twitter account so I can get the word out. I will try to be in depth and interesting. Not just repeat what I heard. My twitter handle will be mentioned in my next post so look out for that. Enjoy all the games.